Australia's Alliance Airlines - The Airline With The All Fokker Fleet

Author: Australis Gifts   Date Posted:22 May 2020 

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Alliance Airlines is one Australian airline that is weathering the storm caused by the Covid-19 pandemic


Who Is Alliance Airlines

Alliance Airlines is an Australian airline founded in 2002 that focused on charter services to the resource/mining industry, flying workers to minesites in regional and remote parts of Australia. The charter operations have since expanded to other groups including sporting groups, government and conference delegates, school groups, and groups from  the tourism and entertainment industries. Alliance in association with Virgin Australia also operated regular commuter flights between Brisbane and Port Macquarie (NSW - suspended as a result of the border being closed due to Covid-19), Brisbane and Bundaberg (Qld), Brisbane and Gladstone (Qld), and Melbourne and Kununurra (WA). The airline is headquartered in Brisbane and employs in excess of 550 full-time staff as at 20th May 2020. Alliance is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange through it's company Alliance Aviation Services Limited (AQZ). Ninety percent of Alliance shares are owned in Australia with Qantas having a substantial shareholder owning 19.8% of Alliance shares. Another 8% of Alliance shares are owned in New Zealand.

Alliance Airlines Fleet

Alliance operates a fleet of 42 aircraft all of which are owned by Alliance and has five aircraft in storage. The operating fleet is made up of three different Fokker type aircraft:

  • five Fokker F50 turboprop,
  • thirteen Fokker F70 jets, and
  • twenty four Fokker F100 jets.

The F50 turboprop aircraft was designed to carry 50 passengers and was a replacement for the popular Fokker F27 Friendship aircraft that was flown by the likes of Ansett subsidiaries to regional centres in Australia. Two hundred and eight F50 aircraft were built until 1997. The Fokker F70 aircraft is a shorter version of the the F100 aircraft and was designed to carry up to 80 passengers. Forty seven F70 aircraft were built from 1994 until 1997. The Fokker F100 aircraft is a medium size twin engine jet used for regional services seating up to 109 passengers. Two hundred and seventy eight Fokker F100 jets were built until 1996.

Whilst Covid-19 has severely affected airline operations in Australia and around the world Alliance Airline’s  contract and charter operations continue to fly on with it’s all Fokker fleet.

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