Scale Model Aircraft 1/200 or 1/400 - Scale Model Size Explained

Author: Australis Gifts   Date Posted:14 October 2019 

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What Size Scale Model Aircraft Should I Buy? Is A 1/200 Scale Model Aircraft Larger than A 1/400 Scale Model Aircraft?


How Big Are Scale Model Aircraft

Australis Gifts has scale model aircraft of various sizes. We have model aircraft with a scale of 1/100, 1/130, 1/200, 1/250, 1/400, and 1/500. Scale just means size. So what do these numbers mean? Well, the"1" on the left of the "/"  represents the size of the model plane, and the number on the right of the "/" represents how many times larger the real plane is than the model. For example, the actual aircraft is 100 times larger than a 1/100 scale model aircraft, or the actual aircraft is 400 times larger than a 1/400 scale model aircraft. Or 1cm on a 1/200 scale model aircraft is equal to 200cm on the actual aircraft. Look at the scale as a simple fraction, the larger the denominator the smaller the model. A 1/400 scale model Qantas A380 is a lot smaller than 1/100 scale model Qantas A380.

What Size Model Aircraft Should I Buy

Well, there is no right or wrong size, there is no best size - it really depends on how much room you have for your collection. Some customers like to collect model aircraft of one particular scale (size) - say 1/200 scale, whereas other customers like to collect a particular aircraft regardless of the scale. A collection with a consistent scale allows you to compare the size of one aircraft against another. For example, you can easily compare the size of a Qantas A380 to a Virgin Australia B777 if they are both the same scale. A collection of 1/400 scale model aircraft is going to take up less room on a shelf than a collection of 1/200 scale model aircraft. If you only want to display your one favourite aircraft you can purchase a larger scale model such as a 1/200 or 1/100 so it stands out for you to enjoy! 1/200 scale and 1/400 scale are a popular size for die cast commercial model aircraft.

If size does matter, then in summary if looking at the same aircraft - say a Virgin Australia B777-300ER, a 1/100 scale model B777 aircraft is larger than a 1/200 scale model B777 aircraft, and a 1/200 scale model B777 aircraft is larger than a 1/400 scale model B777 aircraft.

Have a look at our range of scale model aircraft to see what model aircraft and the different scales that are available. There is a filter on the left side of our model aircraft webpage that allows you to select the size of the models we have available, for example all the 1:200 scale model aircraft, or all the 1:400 scale model aircraft.





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