What Brand Of Aircraft Model To Collect And Which Are The Best?

Author: Australis Gifts   Date Posted:7 February 2020 

What Brand Of Aircraft Model To Collect And Which Are The Best? main image What Brand Of Aircraft Model To Collect And Which Are The Best? image
Australis Gifts stock a number of model aircraft brands, so what brand is best? Well that depends!


Australis Gifts currently has model aircraft from the following manufacturers:


  • PPC Holland
  • Skymarks
  • Herpa, and
  • GeminiJets

PPC Holland manufacture some of the snap-fit plastic models we have for sale. 'Snap-fit' refers to the assembly of the model where items such as the wings, tail and stand have to be attached, no glue is required. The pieces just 'snap' together, easy! PPC Holland snap-fit models are used by many airlines to promote their airline. The packaging often has airline branding (such as Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin) and information of the particular plane dimensions such as length, wingspan and height. PPC Holland models have detailed tampo/pad printed livery and are more affordable than the metal and plastic die-cast models of other brands. Australis Gifts has PPC Holland model aircraft in 1/100, 1/200 and 1/250 scale - click on the link to view our range of PPC Holland model aircraft.

Skymarks are a brand of solid moulded plastic scale model aircraft. Just like PPC Holland the Skymarks models have a simple snap-fit design where the wings and other parts of the model have to be assembled. Compared to the PPC Holland models the Skymarks models have a heavier feel and more detail but are more expensive. Skymarks models are more of a collectors model than a promotional item. Australis Gifts has Skymarks model aircraft in 1/100, 1/130 and 1/200 scale - click on the link to view our range of Skymarks model aircraft.

Herpa (part of Herpa Wings) is a German brand of plastic and metal die-cast model planes for adult collectors. Whilst Herpa produce model aircraft in various scales they are the market leader in 1/500 scale. Depending on the aircraft, the model in 1/500 scale are generally no longer than 15cm (6"). Herpa 1/500 scale models are highly detailed given their small size. Herpa model aircraft are sold complete, including wings and tails - there is no assembly required. Herpa is a popular brand of model aircraft and the 1/500 scale is great for collectors with limited space. Click on this link to view our current range of 1/500 scale Herpa model aircraft.

GeminJets is a brand of scale model precision diecast metal aircraft. Best known for their 1/200 and 1/400 scale models these model aircraft are high quality. GeminiJets are the primary brand in 1/400 scale model aircraft. The 'Gemini 200' range of models are 1/200 scale and have high detail, realistic landing gear with rolling rubber tyres and detailed printed graphics. Each GeminiJets model is limited edition as once it has sold out it will not be re-released making GeminiJets model aircraft highly collectible. GeminiJets model aircraft are at the premium end of the scale model range (this is reflected in the pricing) making them a great gift for the serious collector. Click on this link to view our range of GeminiJets model aircraft.

Diecast scale model aircraft are available in a range of sizes, quality and pricing. We don't stock all the brands nor all the aircraft produced by a particular brand. What brand is the best one for you depends on how much detail you require, whether you are looking for a single aircraft or starting a collection. how much room you have, and your budget. Different brands have different strengths - for example are better at producing a particular scale (size) model. None of the above mentioned model aircraft are toys, they are aircraft models recommended for ages 14+. The different brands have loyal followings but there is nothing to say that you can only collect one brand of model aircraft.

Choose the brand, the scale, and the quality that you can afford, and most importantly the model aircraft that give you the most pleasure. Enjoy!

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