Short History Of Qantas A380 Fleet

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Qantas A380 Aircraft. How many A380 aircraft did Qantas purchase, and where are they now?


Qantas A380 Short History

Qantas was the first airline to sign a contract with Airbus Industries for the purchase of the A380 aircraft, however it was the third airline after Singapore Airlines and Emirates to take delivery. The Qantas order was for twenty A380 aircraft but this number was reduced to twelve aircraft. Qantas took delivery of it's first Airbus A380 aircraft in France on 19 September 2008, touching down in Sydney on 21 September, 2008. This A380 aircraft with registration number VH-OQA was named Nancy-Bird Walton and had 450 seats divided into 4 cabins - 14 first class seats, 72 business class seats, 32 premium economy seats, and 332 economy seats (30 economy seats were on the upper deck). The aircraft was powered by four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines. It's first commercial flight QF93 was Melbourne to Los Angeles, USA. Two years later in November 2010 Qantas grounded it's entire A380 aircraft fleet after Nancy-Bird Walton on a flight from London to Sydney via Singapore as QF32 suffered an uncontained engine failure. Whilst the Qantas fleet of A380 aircraft were given the okay to fly again some 4 weeks later the Nancy-Bird Walton A380 underwent an expensive and extensive repair and eventually flew home from Singapore to Sydney in April 2012. The A380 allowed Qantas to fly in September 2014 the longest non-stop regular passenger flight from Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth, USA and return. The longest flight (at the time) in the largest commercial passenger aircraft was a distance of 13,804 km. Previously, Qantas flew a B747- 400ER to Dallas and back but the return trip from Dallas had to stop over in Brisbane due to strong headwinds. The average age of the Qantas fleet of A380 is 10.2 years and the A380 fleet is undergoing a major refurbishment starting in 2019. As a result of the refurbishment the Qantas A380 will have 14 first class seats, 70 business seats, 60 premium economy seats, and 341 economy seats and a larger onboard lounge for use by first and business class passengers. The first upgraded A380 VH-OQK re-entered service in October 2019. The refurbishment of an A380 takes approximately 8 weeks and it is expected another two A380 aircraft will be refurbished in 2019, with the remaining nine A380 aircraft to be refurbished by the end of 2020.

Where Do The Qantas A380 Fly

QF1/QF2         Sydney - Singapore - London

QF7/QF8         Sydney - Dallas/Fort Worth

QF11/QF12     Sydney - Los Angeles

QF35/QF36     Melbourne - Singapore

QF81/QF82     Sydney - Singapore

QF93/QF94     Melbourne - Los Angeles

QF127/QF128 Sydney - Hong Kong (peak season only)

A Few A380 Facts

There is a lot to know about the A380, nicknamed the super jumbo. The A380-800 has a range of 14,800km. The two storey aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 575 tonnes, a maximum landing weight of 394 tonnes, a length of 72.72 m and a wingspan of 79.75 m. It has 40% more usuable floor space than the next largest airliner the B747. It is powered by four 70,000lb thrust engines - Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines or Engine Alliance GP7200 engines, and carries 320,000 litres of fuel in ten fuel tanks. The aircraft has a top speed of 1,185 km/h. The take-off length at maximum weight is 2,900m. Licenced to carry 853 passengers in an all economy configuration the Qantas A380 in the newly refurbished configuration carries 485 passengers. The last Qantas A380 purchased (VH-OQL  Phyllis Arnott) was delivered in December 2011.

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